Artistic Digital Editing


As you may have suspected, the skies aren’t always perfect at shoot time, it’s often impossible to actually find an empty beach in San Diego, and there can be a lot of things ‘not quite right’ in otherwise great photos. 

With over 20 years of experience with digital photography editing, we can turn a good photo into an absolutely AMAZING photo, one that you will want to see on your wall for years.   

Whether a photo was taken by us or someone else, we can make it better by improving the color strength, removing unwanted people and items, softening shadows, and so on.   We can even take your pet to a place he could never be photographed – whether it’s next to a kitty cat, sitting on a cloud, or driving a jet ski!  


But it doesn’t end there – we can repair damaged old photos, merge several photos,  remove .jpg compression damage and camera “noise”, and even add resolution to photos with a new artificial intelligence (AI) program!  All of this within reasonable limits, of course.  Some things just can’t be fixed.

Please note that we will not do any work on watermarked photos, and  you will be asked to confirm that you are the photographer or have obtained permission to edit before submitting photos to us.

Color Repair, Contrast Enhancement, and Compositing


Removal of people and objects, fixing dull backgrounds


Replacement of Sky with Color & Lighting Fixes


Bringing friends together in the same portrait!